Anne Baeker

Anne Baeker was born in Leipzig in 1982.
Two years later she moved to Potsdam, the city of film. After her Abitur exam in 2001 she completed several film interships and jobs in the film business until, in 2006 she started studying film production at the University of Film and Television „Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam.
In 2012 she will complete her degree. During her studies she produced several shortfilms.
Her pre-dregree film GLIOBLASTOM (director: Axel Ranisch) won the German  Young Filmmaker Award.
Beyond her studies she worked as a production manager for several productions such as the web-series DIE SNOBS – SIE KÖNNEN AUCH OHNE DICH with Christian Ulmen (director: Max Luz) as well as the children’s film „Abenteuer Quacks“ (director: Esther Gronenborn).
Additionally she’s worked for several commercials like KNORR, ERGO-Versichrung, DACIA, DEUTSCHE BANK and MILCHSCHNITTE.
With her film family Axel Ranisch, Heiko Pinkowski and Dennis Pauls she founded her first production company SEHR GUTE FILME in 2011.