The Movie

It became evident before long that the story of the special ties between the conductor Martin Fischer-Dieskau, his mentor Antal Doráti and the monumental work The Chosen/Der Künder could serve as an ideal springboard for a film. Hard to believe that the world premiere would be so long in coming. Now – after more than thirty years – the dream finally promises to become true. The subject matter of the opera belongs to Israel. Everyone of our team can’t wait to witness how Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance and its very special modalities will be transformed to become the ideal performance venue for the BUBER DORÁTI events!

Our movie intends to capture the unparalleled work, its genesis and the complete process of rehearsals. The film team should be present from the start and accompany the creation of the opera spectacle over more than two years, beginning with the realization of the project and ending with the last of the seven planned shows of the final staging.

The author and filmmaker Dr. Reinhold Jaretzky is interested in everything. Even the immense challenges and adversities to find enough sponsoring for the project are part of the expected camera work. The great moment in which Doráti’s music will be realized for the first time by the musicians of the ›Galilee Orchestra‹ is regarded as the shining fixed star to be headed for. Could reactions in Israel turn out to be critical when an opera is sung in German? Will Martin Buber’s ›mystery play‹’s message be understood at all?

In the foremost focus are the two activists Achim Freyer as visual creator of a scenic solution and Martin Fischer-Dieskau as conductor and the undertaking’s motor. The film has set itself the realization of showing how all creative impulses will go together to meet the requirements of diverse artistic and logistic provocations of the unique initiative – including all possible setbacks.

Beyond that – let us not forget our mission: To all those who cannot attend the festival shows of the ›grand opera‹ – and why not also to future generations – the film is supposed to tell something about the life and work of the two authors Antal Doráti and Martin Buber. For that reason we shall not switch off our cameras during the international experts’ conference. How could we! The film constitutes the singular chance to witness the world premiere of Antal Doráti’s work and its entire process of formation and to register some of the ubiquitous creativity that emanates from those two coequal creators spreading to their interpreters.This kind of force should be palpable throughout our movie!