Visit at Martin Fischer-Dieskau‘s Place

who plays the violin and the piano, to meet with Katharina Maechler (Cello) and Thomas Koncz, Piano, and listen to the first ever heard notes of the Doràti opera Der Künder (The Chosen)!
Very exciting evening with wonderful people and fantastic music!
Later we meet our friends from Israel and again we listen to the mesmerizing sound of a little piece of this never-before-heard-Opera!

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

With highly interested friends from Israel we meet in Hamburg to visit Elbphilharmony not only for a concert but also for a wonderful dinner on Rosch ha-Schana to have good times and to discuss the realization of the project and to party together. “Schana tova”!

Visit at ambassador Dr. Felix Klein’s, Federal government commissioner for Jewish life in Germany, office

In an eleborate talk which is grounded on profound and common engagement for the idea nd for the basic characteristics of the project we discusse chances and possibilities of realization.
We agree on further talks with several partners to ensure the realization of the project. We are very grateful for the announced support.